Monday, November 30, 2009

First post on the last day. Oh, November.

Aaah, it's already the last day of November and I haven't even posted once! Failfailfail!

But the month has definitely been busy. Somewhat problematic, but I'll spare you those boring details and go onto some high lights of the month.

NaNoWriMo: Aiiiish. I did my best, but I only made it half way through. 25,000 words is HARD! I sort of feel like I hurt my brain doing thing and...who knows, I might finish up the book eventually. Just like my last book, Midnight Shadow. We'll just have to see. I ended up really hating how bad my writing gets on a time crunch, so...hello re-writing. Definitely looking forward to it next year, if I have time. Hah. But it was very, very fun. The writer in me went a little crazy, but it was a good outlet!

On a sidenote, I know my vocabulary isn't the most extensive one out there, but yes I know what the word 'quarrel' means. :3 Just so you know.

Video projects: After the summer's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I was left without a camera and with too many ideas in my head. Alas, I have yet to save up enough to get my own camera, so I am reduced to bumming off of my sister. And now my grandfather, who has a shiny new do-hickey. Anyways, on the 4th of November, a friend of mine showed me this video. It was Big Bang talking about their new single Koe Wo Kikasete (=Let Me Hear Your Voice) and how they wanted to hear their fans' voices and so please send them messages. And somewhere in there, there's this thing about if they really like your message, they'll send you something back.

Something from Big Bang, heck yes, I will. But I very much did not want to send in a video of me going 'Ohmygah, Big Bang, I love you so much'. Not that I don't love them, they're one of my favorite groups. However. Not going to do it.

And besides, I can think of other messages I'd rather send and I'd rather they watched. And so it gave birth to my latest project.

Overall...I'm actually really proud of it. Granted, there are some major slip-ups in cutting and I definitely was boring with the camera angles...but overall, it's still pretty good to me. And there need to be more friendshippy stuff going on out there (though, yes, I know, song isn't meant like that, but hey, I can interpret lyrics as I wish.) Kimmi and the rest did a great job, too!

So...we'll see what happens with this. Even if nothing comes from it, I improved my mad skillz. ;D

Other then that, nothing significantly great seems to have happened. I have a bunch more to post, but I'm waiting for December to be here before I do that. Until later.