Sunday, December 13, 2009

My not-so-grown-up Christmas List.

Christmas time is just around the corner and I'm just getting around to posting. Not going to lie, being sick on and off for the past three weeks has really sucked.

So what's up with the world of the Rin? (Yes, I am the Rin. Rin-Rin Samurai!...Not that most of you would get that.)

Nothing much. I'm sick, I wasn't able to film my next music video and am now scrambling to find something new to use for the contest. I want that Hey!Say!JUMP tshirt!

...Scratch that, just looked at the site again and no tshirt. Insert me crying.

...Replacement price? Hey!Say!JUMP's photobook. Insert me flailing.

Do I want? Yes, I do. I have already seen scans of the photobook and it looks so good, oh my gosh. And since it's from Japan and Johnny's's freaking expensive. Meh.

So I've still got to come up with something! And I have no idea what. I'd film something with just my siblings, but I don't have any ideas. It majorly sucks.

But I'll now get off of that subject and onto the real reason for this post. Now, I'm totally not one for Christmas lists. I think it's sort of selfish to inflict what you want on other people. But it's my personal blog and I'm really just voicing what I want. (And if you notice, most of these have a practical reason for being on here.) And honestly, my birthday and Christmas, I just felt like giving people an idea about what I'm looking for is a good idea...? It's a little different then just saying 'I want this' and 'I want that'

Or I'm just wrong and acting like a hypocrite. In any case.

Rin's Christmas Wishlist!
Insert dramatic music here. (:

1 - Cash.
If you can't think of anything, I totally love getting cash. Some people think it's impersonal, but I've got big dreams that need saving up for and money is the only way to get there. So yes, cash is on the top of my list. Every little bit helps.

2 - the NEW MinoHD FlipVideo
Found Here. As anyone reading my blog knows, I'm a film student. I love watching/studying/making films and all that. I haven't filmed many of my own movies, one of those reasons is because I don't have my own camera and I have to mooch off my grandfather or my sister. I'd rather not. I've stalked out a million reviews on this thing and it's basically all I want and will need until I go off and attend school or find an internship of some sort. I have a $15 discount because I'm a fan on Facebook and while that's not a huge difference, this camera is still cheaper then most cameras out there and I don't need a huge fancy one, I just need a simple and easily transported on. I'm really dying to get this one. I have so many ideas and I can't film them, just because I don't have a camera when I have the idea. (Also...I'd like the tripod that goes with it. And the underwater case. Both would come in handy!)

3 - External Drive
My laptop has a 300GB drive...and it's nearly full. This is because raw film and even film re-encoded, can be butthuge. I'm not one to discard footage, because you never know when you'll need it or when you'll want to watch it. Or mess with it, like I do. 1TB external harddrive would be lovely, not just for more space, but for a backup incase Jin bites the dust. I don't want to lose any of my docs, music, movies, anything. So that's why this is on my list.

4 - iPod
I suppose this is the most frivolous item on my list so far, but there are still good reasons for this! I had an iPod last year and it was just so utterly fantastic. It was so nice to not have to lug CDs or anything else around. Just load all my music and videos onto my iPod and I was good to go. It was nice for car rides because we'd all just take turns picking a song and I could have music that everyone liked and we could just change songs if somebody (*coughmomcough*) didn't like. Music is like my oxygen and lugging my computer around to listen to music in the car is a pain! I miss my iPod (80GB, black) so much and he was so useful (his name was Momiji) so that's why this is on the list.

5 - T-shirts
Right, what would I possibly want with tshirts? But these aren't just any tshirts, these are special! Okay, so there truly is no good reason for me to want these, I just can't help it. As said above, I really want a Hey!Say!JUMP tshirt. I just love the group and it'd be so awesome to get one of their concert tshirts. I have other things I'm saiving up for, so it's not like I can get one myself. I almost equally want a Kisumai tshirt, which is my second favorite group in the whole wide world. They're on tour right now and the shirt is so awesome.

Of course, there's a ton of other things I 'want', but those are the only things I truly, truly want. Maybe now that Dad has a job, we'll be able to eventually work our way to where I can afford most, if not all. (SHIRTS!)

In any case, my head is spinning and I think I might take another very long nap (the last one was about 4 hours long.) Being sick sucks...I like sleeping, but not this much. Ugh.

Anyways, bye-bye, all you lovely peeps. If anyone actually read that, I give you cookies.