Thursday, October 14, 2010

It feels like insomnia~♫ But it might just be insanity.


Sort of.

I still cannot chew without feeling the urge to cry and it's been a whole week. I still sleep a lot too.

I think there's something wrong with that. Right? Suki said that she was definitely back to eating normally by now and tomorrow it will have been one week since my wisdom teeth came out! I didn't even have all four!

Body! Work with me here!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon feeling like I was freezingly hot (which does not make sense, I know) and extremely dizzy, even when lying down. After consulting with a friend about it, I realized that I had taken painkillers on an empty stomach. After some (questionably tasteless) mashed potatoes and a drink, I passed out for an hour. Woke up and all was well.

I'm not sure if that was really the problem, but whatever it was, I'm glad it's over.

I feel like changing my layout again though. I'm not sure to what.

Off to go finish my chocolate protein shake. I actually like staring the mornings out with them, they don't make me feel like throwing up. Same with Attain shakes.

Yay for being healthy~?

Mmm, anyway.