Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dusting off the skeletons in the closet.

My goodness, has it really been over two months since I last updated this thing? Wow! Talk about some epic fail there, huh?

To Do list of updates:
♥ Legal Birthday
♦ China
♣ Hair/Clothes/Makeup (lolwhut?)
♠ Books!


♦ Legal ♥ Birthday ♦
January 22nd, 2010. I turned 18. Of course, it's just the number that comes after 17, right? However...


Well...not that being 18 brings anything awesome, truly. What the heck, I don't want to vote. Drinking doesn't happen until 21. (Not that I want to drink, but as Suki says, it's the fact that I COULD.)

Anyways, I decided that since my 16th birthday basically didn't exist, that I was going to do something for reals for my 18th birthday. Me, my best friend Emma, Kimmi, her best friend (and my good friend) Chelsea, and the lovable adorable stick Holly, all went to the Easton Mall.

...Can I say that I'm kinda in love with this place? Who knew that Ohio had decent shopping?

Emma spoiled me for the day and we hung out while Kim, Holly, and Chelsea ran around elsewhere. We checked out the bookstore, which was heavenly, got makeup at Hot Topic, ate Chinese, and got smelly spray. ♥

To top it all off. We got to see Avatar in IMAX-3D. If you haven't heard me talk about Avatar, I am sort of, kind of, completely in love with this movie. This is my life. I love movies. I adored Avatar. I would have seen it a million times if I could. Getting the DVD? Heck yes.

Oh wait, but that wasn't all. This actually happened the first thing we got there, but I got my ears pierced. I am the first of my sisters to get this done and it was something of a victory. It actually didn't hurt and while the earrings I have in my ears are a pain to try and take out, they're pretty and I love having them pierced and I'm keeping them.


♠ China ♠

So. This all begins several weeks ago. Maybe a month or so. I'm on facebook, playing...right then, it was Country Story, I think. I blame Kim and Suki for this, honestly. I'm playing this game and I look at the ads...what do I see?

'Travel to Mexico! (LDS standards)'

Why I clicked this, I have no idea. I really have no interest in Mexico at all. I don't want to go there, I don't really like spanish, Mexican food is good, but not my favorite.

But despite all that, I find myself clinking on the link.

Long story short, I ended up showing this site to a few people and will begin the application process shortly. I'm hoping to spend 5 months in China early next year, teaching little kids English.

I am excited.

I mean, it's not for sure...but very likely at this point? I'm working out some details, such as references and where the heck all the money is coming from, but. We'll see how it all turns out.


♣ Hair ♥ Clothes ♠ Makeup ♣
My hair grows at insane rate right now. Kim keeps it cropped short, but really. She JUST cut it and it's already looking shaggy. What's up with this? My fringe is as bushy as ever, but. I love my hair. This haircut rocks too. Out of the way and everyone seems to think it's cute. Yes, I am shallow. Yes, it matters.

Clothes. I started designing again. I've got a lot of projects lined up, but right now, I'm butchering hand me down shirts. It's pretty fun. I sit upstairs at Nana's and blast music, because I found all the good XM stations. Mwahahah. My wardrobe is slowly becoming more crazy and colorful and I LOVE it. I want to go on another shopping trip, but I'm not sure for what. I just want a spazztastic hoodie and maybe jeans that actually fit me. I lost weight since last spring and my pants don't fit properly. Ugh. Do. Not. Want. (Though, I'm perfectly fine with the actual losing of weight, I just don't like not fitting my pants.)

Last but not least, I have started wearing make up for no reason except that I like to. I only really wearing eyeshadow, which I think is why I wear it at all. My eyeshadow is really colorful (and it sparrrrrkles~ ♥) so it's really just like wearing a pair of gloves or a scarf to me. When did I become a girl?


♥ Books ♥

So for the past week, I've read quite a few books. More then I have in the last two or three months, probably. Sadly. >> I haven't been reading that much lately, but I picked it back up. I have read, in the last week.

Sunshine (again)
Princess Ben
Lord Sunday
Memoirs of a Geisha

There are two or three I don't remember. There was also Rose Daughter, which, I am sad to say, I put down and didn't finish because I found it horridly boring. This is the first time that has every happened to me concerning a Robin McKinley book. I was rather shocked.

That being said, all of the above books should be read, if they haven't already. Memoirs of a Geisha is FANTASTIC and I loved Lord Sunday, though I'm sad that the series is now over. I love Garth Nix.

Enchantment by Orson Scott Card is next on my list, after I finish reading Little Women. It's been a while since I last read it, so it's been nice. We reserved the movie too. Yay, Christian Bale. ^_^

Anyways...I have written enough, I will try to post something more often, and oh my gosh, I love fuzzy socks.

Ciao ♥