Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunrise, Sunrise...I don't really understand the rest of the words.

Back in Ohio, adjusting and all that stuff. At least it's been cool! I've only felt like I was dying for maybe an hour or so. It is really weird and I get sticky because it's wet here. Straaaaaange!

Other then that? Well, my new-found sewing skills have caused a sort of spree. I've been repairing/modifying a bunch of stuff. It's fun though...Sewing is kinda therapeutic. I mean, not that I need it, but it's still nice.

Other then that, I'm remembering how to run around being a vet's assistant, milking, etc. No glam for me right now. But it's all good.

The play I'm in is majorly messed up. My part is small...Haha, my part was made up! But we'll see how it goes. I dunno. I just missed all my drama geeks.

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