Friday, January 14, 2011

My, oh my.

So a lot of things have happened in the past... week or so. Around last November, I had switched to the Fall track (Aug-Dec) for my Chinese exchange from spring (Feb-June).

I get a call on Saturday asking me if I can please switch back to Spring because they're short teachers and they're willing to knock six-hundred bucks off the deal.

... Long story short, I'm going to China in February.

My face right now is something like this.


Oh, and if we're going into horizontal faces, it's something like this.




Departure date is approximately on the 9th of February and for the most part, things are taken care of... except for the actual packing and what not. Nana is a gem and wants to buy some of the wintery clothes I'll need and what not. ♥ Mom is using me as slave labor in exchange for a shiny MinoHD from Flipvideo. (See it here). My camera lust, can you feel it? I've been wanting this little baby for a while now. Nothing near to an actual, for the real camera, but for me, it's beyond awesome. I am excite!

If you happened to be giving me a birthday present (it's coming up on the 22nd ^.~)... well, normally I'm not one to ask for something, but in this case, I'm going to ask for cash. Impersonal, I know, but the green stuff gets you places. For one, I have paid for the exchange, but there's always things to do abroad. (And you all want something when I come back, right?) - also, there's this matter of trying to get a new iPod. Unfortunately I doubt I'll get my hands on one of those this time around. Must find a cheaper replacement for my iPod that went kaput! (The one I'm looking at is this one though... aish, when did they discontinue the 80GB one? Sigh. Obviously out of my reach right now.)

In any case, I am excited. I've never been out of the country before! Uwaa, such a new experience. And no, I don't speak Chinese. I am part Chinese though, so this is also something important as a kind of heritage thing. Which reminds me, I need to ask Dad some questions... Except wait! The Dad is actually home now. Hm. Oh well, I still need to ask him stuff.

I also feel slight victory at being the first of the Laulusa kids to be out of the US (five minutes in Canada does not count.)

If I were to try and express the excite-ness but it would look something like this below. ↓


... Something like that. In any case... Yes. I should get back to cleaning something up.


Pictures for you all. Taken from the ILP website from the various Chinese locations (There are 8 in total and I probably won't know where I'm going until next week, maybe longer...)

Aren't they adorable?♫

Prettyyyyyyy. Cuuuuuute. *wibbles*

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Valerie said...

Wait, how come we didn't know about this?

Lindey said...

Super last minute stuff? x: It wasn't even confirmed until like... wednesday.