Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update of Doom

Message from Suki, Sister of Lindey: She sent this Wednesday and I'm just getting it posted today (Sunday). End of Message.

So yeah, internet was out for... three days? 8D Fun times. Anyway, long update of doom.

Okay, so our internet it out. D: Boo hissy. I type this up right before bed, so this is… uhm, Monday, March 7th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY. ♥

I would have celebrated and bought myself an ice cream, but I’m trying to be good and not get snack foods unless I’ve been really good. Which I was today, but by now, the store is closed. But anywaaaay…

It hasn’t been that long since I updated, but I just wanted to send this out and tell y’alls that I AM LEARNING KUNG-FU! ^_________^ Super, uber happy right now, it was one of my goals while I was here. I think our teacher is a student… I think. He looks older than the 18 year olds I’ve worked with so far, but that might be just because he is totally kick-butt. I haven’t seen him do all the legit stuff, but I guess he was showing off in Bryndi’s ELE class and offered to teach us. :D Who could possibly refuse?

Actually, I almost did for tonight. Today was stressful with Nicole’s class (Nate was… yeah, let’s just not go there) and I made little Mark (cutest kid EVER) cry. Not intentionally, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and two Chinese teachers plus Ted AND Jack had to help me sort things out. I felt bad, but he was also kind of ridiculous about what he was upset about. Anyway, that class stressed me out and then dinner was… well, I don’t really like complaining, I actually LOVE most of the food served, but today was a bad dinner. +_+ I am not a fan of lotus, peppers, or eggplant… and those were the side dishes… So I some cabbage and rice. The other girls usually grab noodles or chicken sandwiches when dinner is bad, but I’m trying so hard to be good. D: I don’t want to spend the money and honestly, let’s face it, I need to lose the weight.

So after dinner, I ended up falling asleep until it was kung-fu time and Nicole woke me up and my stomach hurt! So I was like ‘… Do I really want to?’ and I was going to back out… but then I told myself: Rin, don’t be a sissy, you’re never going to do anything if you’re like this.

And so I went~!

And I’m so glad I did. Seriously, I’m so out of shape, but our teacher (Master Fu, I can’t say this without giggling) says that Bryndi and I have lots of talent… I think it might just be because we’re the more aggressive girls in the group. After Master Fu said that, Ashley was all ‘BUT I’VE NEVER HIT A PERSON BEFORE T_____T’, it was so cute.

So yeah, Kung-fu. We just did a basic kick and the basic punches (… well, I call them punches, one of them involves your elbow…) but it was awesome. :D I’m going to be sore in the morning cause I jack-knifed my spin doing a right hook thingy, but I’m so excited. I thiiiiiink (and this is just from what Casey told us tonight) that we can do this every night, Mon-Fri. We’re so excited.

Also, in a spurt of self… something, Bryndi, Nicole, and I decided that we’d start buggering each other into running. Ashley runs and so does Kim, but I’ll admit, I’m a total slacker and it’s gotta change. It’s one reason I chose to come to China now, rather than waiting. I’ve got to be doing something, rather than wasting time. (Which I will also admit, I’m a pro at.)

…I was going to end it at that, but Kim just walked in with 100 yuan to split between me and Nicole, from Tim. Apparently tomorrow is Women’s Day and that means we get money. Guess who is going to treat herself to either a chicken sandwich or ice cream tomorrow. Boobs, thank you for being here. n____n

Anyway, the internet is still down… We have a training meeting, planning meeting, ELE, regular classes, and kung-fu. Sounds like a full day to me, so I’m off to bed and I’ll add any edits if anything utterly momentous happens.

Edit: It’s now Tuesday night and our internet is still out. ELE class went great. ^^ We talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. A lot of them said they wanted to be CEOs or ‘Bosses’, but didn’t have much else to say. Others wanted to be chefs, pianists, and professional sportsplayers. One girl even said she wanted to be the Queen of Ping Pong, which I found hilarious. 8D

My class is apparently much more curious about me than my fellow teachers’ classes, and so they ask a ton of questions about me. I told them how I wanted to be a filmmaker and even showed them my baby flip to demonstrate (I also took a DVD that Nicole had brought with her). They wanted to know if I wanted to make films or act in them and did I like musicals, etc.

Somewhere in here, Annie and Angel showed me this paper with a song on it. It’s this Carpenters song and they wanted me to sing it, but I only knew the chorus, so I sang that for them. Apparently it impressed them, cause they all asked me to sing a song at the end of class and applauded me and told me I was the best. T_T Guys, I am so not a good singer, but it was so cute.

ILP classes went as well as could be expected. O___O I don’t know what’s wrong with Nicole’s class, but I think they’re driving everyone up the wall. Mark was sobbing, Jack was running in and out of classes (he’s a brat, but he usually behaves) and then started pouting at me when I made him behave, TED was acting like a headless chicken and he’s usually one of the better ones, and Jason, Yao-Yao, and Reece all took turns becoming monsters. D: Guys, I love this class, but I was ready to strangle them all. Other than that, it was going great. We have this week and next week to stick to our section of teaching before we start rotating, so I’m only the drama teacher for a little longer.

It’s almost kung-fu time. Hopefully by the time I get back, the internet will be working… Meh. I wasn’t so sore when I woke up this morning, but right before our ILP classes, my back started KILLING me. ;o; T’was not fun. But then I put pain-a-trate on it and all was well. n_n I’m so excited for tonight, I don’t even. (Master Fu actually walked by my ILP classes several times and said hello. He’s actually not a student or a teacher, he’s a solider… so I guess that would make him part of the security here. Yes, there is a lot of security here.)

Edit 2: Back from kung-fu and still no internet. Tech-geek was here with Comrade and Flora, but apparently they didn’t want to intrude too long since we were ‘tired’ and said they’d be back in the morning. +_+ To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded they keep us up all night, but you know, they need sleep too.

Kung-fu was fun. :D I got scolded a few times for not kicking correctly on first try, but I told myself that I’m not going to be a genius to start off with and he still said very good. I think he also called me ‘tiger’ at some point. :DD I like it when he goes ‘ouch’ when I punch his hand, so far he only does that for me and Bryndi. Makes me feel good, you know?

After kung-fu ended, Casey showed us some tai chi. She also said that she’d teach us it and if we learned it well enough, we’d all do a performance on the 1st of June. I didn’t hear this bit, but apparently it’s some kind of bet (says Nicole). And we’ll get uniforms. n_n I am excite.

Oh right, and I forgot. Apparently we’re being harassed. Some boys dropped a couple bricks off at our door. Personally I thought it was kinda harmless, the boys just stuck them there and ran off, but Kim got pretty :\ over it. We also had someone dribbling a ball across the walkway of our floor REALLY LOUDLY and his accomplice came out of one of the dorm rooms on our floor… I don’t know if it counts or not, but Kim talked to Tim and told him to make an announcement during their morning assemblies that they’re not allowed to do stuff like that, but 8D If they keep it up, guess who’s gonna chase after them with a broom?

Anyway… Sleep it for now. Hopefully by morning we will have our internet back and I’ll be able to send off this monster of an update. Unless something else magical happens, but hopefully all that will happen is teaching and more lesson planning.

Edit 3: It’s morning on Wednesday and obviously Techy hasn’t been here, but I just wanted to say that I am SO SORE. T_T Sheesh, self, you suck. Pain-a-traaaate, come to me. But I’m kind of excited for today! Master Fu has stuff in the evening, so kung-fu lessons are earlier in the day, Casey is showing us some tai chi, and we have Institute! I’m excited, I haven’t been since I was way young and I don’t think that counts, cause I was only ever there when there were hang out parties. 8D!

Oh, and we finally figured out skyping into church. Sort of. We’re still not sure why 95% of the times we dial in, it goes wrong, because it’s the same exact way we dial in the other 5% and that works. +_+ But we attended our district conference. :D Which I think was like stake conference and t’was very good. ^_^

I’m doing lesson plans right now and reading Fahrenheit 451. NICOLE BROUGHT IT, I AM HAPPEH. ♥♥♥ ^_______^ I meant to bring my own (or whoever owns it) but I totally forgot in the packing panic and was all sadface-y, but Nicole has it and ALL IS WELL 8D! She also brought the Hunger Games, which Val and Jamie seemed to adore, so I figured I’d give those a try too. O: Ashley has run off with my Goose Girl, because she needed some happy ending goodyness and I’m trying to get everyone to read Ender’s Game. 8D! I love my group, have I said this yet?

Edit 4: It’s now 7 PM, evening. If you can’t tell yet, I’m going insane. Internet still has not been restored and I’m getting a little antsy. +_+;; Tim, please restore it now, I know other people have internet and it’s kind of required that we have it and I’m mostly just wanting to get in touch with Mom and Dad. ): So if you would please stop cockblocking us.

But since there is no internet, I will just update you on the happenings of today… nothing really stood out except that Lory was crying. (I think his name really should be Laurie, but that’s what is written on his token bag, soooo…) But yes, dearest Lory was absolutely sobbing at the end of my rotation. I didn’t see what happened initially because Victor was also very upset and Max (Victor’s best friend) and I were trying to get him to line up. (Max ended up drawing lines on his face and telling him something in Chinese and Victor cheered up). But because of that, I didn’t see what happened, Bean-Bean and Bill and Lilly were just pointing at him and he was crying.

I started trying to comfort him and figure out what was wrong (all the while trying to get Charlie to be quiet because he was chanting something in Chinese and it was SUPER LOUD. I didn’t think these were connected). I was just so confused and then Bill and Lilly are saying something about how Lory isn’t Chinese and he’s not American and all this stuff… and then Lory leans into my hug and whispers so quietly, “Teacher… I’m Japanese.”

My heart just broke. D: I guess Charlie was chanting something mean at Lory because Lory just ended up crying harder and Bean-Bean tried to squish Charlie into the wall after that. I held onto Lory until Desi came to rotate the class, but I felt so bad for the kid. T_T I suppose it’s possible that he’s not Japanese and they were being mean about something else, because I’ve had other kids claim they were when they obviously weren’t… but I dunno.

._. I’ve just never seen Lory so upset before.

It was also evals and my evals are seriously dropping. D: It was AWFUL. It’s just so, SO hard to keep them on track and understanding when I don’t have a book to help illustrate my point and Bryndi’s class was… a nightmare. T_T I bombed so bad and I’m just headdesking because last week’s evals were SO MUCH BETTER. D: D: D: AUGH.

+_+ After a quick dinner was kung-fu… which was good. I’m so sore and I cannot run to save my life, but it was good. I need to get better balance, but I’m still keeping up well enough. He showed us this really cool spinning kick and I cannot get my body to twist smoothly enough to do it yet. Rawr. Something to work on.

Alas, everyone else is off to painting class and that leaves me all alone and since it’s only 7, there’s no students around either. Rawrs. I think I’ll take a quick nap and then wander around outside.

Randomly, but I thought you’d like to know. The lighting for the outsides of the dormitories… are sound sensitive, not motion sensitive. 8D! Tis kinda amusing, cause you have to stomp your feet to turn them back on. Or yell. Whichever method tips your cow. (I like the latter.)

Oh, and I finished Fahrenheit 451 before ILP classes. I love that book so much. ;o;

Edit 5: Woke up and the internet is back. YAAAAAAAAAAY :DDDD Sending this off and taking a shower, hit me up with all the deets of your lives, yo. ♥

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