Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ah, hontoni gomenasai!

Okay, so I'm sorry for not posting recently! Blogspot doesn't save drafts like LJ does and so I always get distracted and forget to post and it doesn't bring back up what I've typed. I do not like muchly.

But let's return to the more important point of this post. Update on my life! Well, as it turns out, the Academy had plenty of material that they were willing to offer us students for FREE. Hah, so happy about that, one less thing to spend money on. ^_^ I used black with bright flowers on it for my halter top. Mr. Applegate was telling us about how the fabrics we chose reflected our personalities. When I asked him what mine meant, he said it meant I was more daring and wild. Mmm, accurate? In a way, I suppose. We'll start sewing the halter tops tomorrow and I bought my needles today. So excited!

Fashion Merchandising. Ah, this one is fun and okay. My group has a pretty good idea of what to do for our concept board, which I will not reveal until a later date, because....well, top secret, yo! Ah, I kid, but let's keep it for later.

MPT – Filmed a CM on Friday. And lucky me, Mac joined our group, so instead of me having to act like a dude, we actually had a dude acting like a dude. 'Twas lovely. I think our shooting went very nicely, though we were lucky that Theresa (one of the other two girls on my team) was able to stay long enough to film everything. Otherwise, it would have been me behind the camera and that would have been a disaster. I think the CM is going to turn out really cute once we edit it. Our teacher is an amazing guy and completely interesting and know exactly what he's doing. It's great.

I had my first real performance in Acting. It was a neutral scene, where we got to make up the backstory. My partner and I were one of two boy/girl teams, so we tried to do a boyfriend and girlfriend having relationship problems. Mmm, teacher and the other students liked it, even if we tweaked it and performed it 4 times. Gah. I dunno, I was having problems working with my partner. But it was nice to see everyone again.

Other then that? Totally went to Safeway and got 10 bottles of Sobe. Guys, I'm so ecstatic about this. ^___^ I have so many different kinds! But mostly of the mango melon, which is one of my favorites. This'll last me a while. I only allow myself one drink a day and that's on school days. So two weeks. We also got Alfredo sauce and she really liked the pasta I made yesterday. I feel so pleased.

OH! But my current favorite cooking experience was today! Dinner was marinaded salmon, sauté bok choy, and blueberries. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so good. Thank you so much for the marinade recipe, Karu! I love how much I get to cook and how much she loves it. She eats a ton! And she bought us more white peaches while she was at Chinatown today.

Living with Auntie Helen is actually pretty nice. I mean, at first I was just really nervous about it all, but it's fun, to tell the truth. She worries just a bit too much and her need to save everything it just a tad bit strange. But overall, completely enjoyable. ^^ We enjoy laughing at MJ news, because that's all anyone seems to be able to talk about. My opinion on the matter? Well, I never really liked him, due to a certain older sister, but I'll acknowledge that he was a legend and that he revolutionized the music, dance, and fashion industries. However, I still thought he was a creeper.

And I don't particularly wish to end this post on MJ, so I guess I will reveal something about myself. Most of you guys already know this, but I'm a sucker for Asian Entertainment. Mostly Japanese, and mostly Johnny's Entertainment. One of my dreams is to work for JE to revolutionize their costuming. I love the boys, but the costumes are....well, beyond cheesy or crazy. There are some good ones, but the rest must go!

I'm also a big fan of K-pop. Rain/Jung Jihoon is something of a favorite right now! Ever seen Speed Racer? Well, he's in it. He also has a movie coming out this November called Ninja Assassin, which looks really, really good!

Here's one of his songs, titled Rainism. I love it to death and I start randomly singing it. Maybe not the most original song and the PV is just weird sometimes, but I do love his dancing and singing.

I make it Rainism, the rainism~

Yes, I'm a nerd, a geek, and a dork. :D

Done for today!

4 paper stars:

Suki said...

If only I could ignore the salmon...

Lindey said...

D: That's really all you have to say?

Karu said...

You're so very welcome! And uh, I'm gonna ignore the Rainism, if you don't mind. ;)

Lindey said...

<3 I will have to remember that one. So good!

And yeah, yeah, ignore the hotness, you.