Friday, June 26, 2009

To the world at large.

Ahem. Getting lost in a city is scary. And God does work many miracles because he helped me get home in one piece. Let's end that story at that.

Mmm, what's next? Ah, I possibly might get really scolded in my fashion construction class. Why? Because unlike the rest of my classmates, I have responsibilities outside of classes, and I'm also taking four classes. There's homework in all but wait! That one has homework too.

So really, do I have time to just waltz to a fabric store? No! Do I need fabric for my next class? Yes! Do I have fabric? Hah, no.

In my defense, I haven't had time since Tuesday, when I got the assignment. On Wednesday, I was grocery shopping and Dad left. And yesterday...well, was a whole new adventure in itself. I tried yesterday but the shop closed a 6! What the heck! *indignant*


So I dunno what'll happen today.

SHOOT! And I have to buy cherries and cherry coke. And remember a hat.

Oh holy crapola....

Man, this life just keeps you so busy! And it's not like I slack off, I just...have someone who always needs to know where I am so I try to stick around close. This will change after I get my cell phone replaced. Seriously guys, I need one. And I'd like it to come with texting, because then it'd be easier to contact certain people, including my MPT teacher. Who I love to death already and he recognized me yesterday!

But that is beside the point. I can't leave without that stuff...Shoot.

And yeah, life has just been crazy, so this isn't my fault.

Well, anyways, must go and finish getting ready!


2 paper stars:

Valerie said...

What happened to your cell phone? Wasn't it new? And I would like to hear the story of you getting lost.

Lindey said...

>< I lost it in the airport....And yes, it was brand new. I has it out of my bag for two seconds and then we couldn't find it anywhere!

As for teh story of me getting lost....mmmm, well, okay, I went out with two classmates/friends for dinner, because they were going to show me a fabric store that everyone was raving about. Anyways, it actually closed a half hour before we even got out of classes. Anyways, when it was time to go home, I had to go separately from them because they live in a different area. I get of the underground MUNI and totally get lost >< Luckily someone noticed and pointed me in the right direction, but I was still lost for nearly an hour.