Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling that way.

And update on my life? I have footage for two music videos and a CM. I'm working on the Primary Kids MV, which is currently stressing me out. Due to technical difficulties, I'm still loading the footage onto AVID. I have until the day after tomorrow.

Woe is me.

After that, I don't really have deadlines, since the other two are simply personal projects. The CM probably would only take a day or two, and the other music video is just crazy fun.

On that note, I found something I really, really want. Well, several things.

One thing I really need, and I mean this as a real need, is a new power cord. Mine got screwed and we can't get a new one right now. Guys, it's kinda hard to make and edit videos when  you have to depend on a shared power cord with your dad, who works on the computer fulltime.

Another thing that would be great for my budding film career. A camera!~ But really, me getting a decent camcorder is so impossible right now. But then a friend of mine suggested something. I looked it up, fell in love, and now I'm looking to get my hands on THIS -

Small with good quality, I looked into a ton of reviews, and for the level I'm on, it's good enough. It's also several hundred dollars cheaper then my alternatives. While borrowing my sister's camera, I really did realize how many ideas come to you when you have the actual chance to capture it! So I really, really want it. It'd be a nice start to my budding career, no?

Also, I want a mic. Or a decent recording device. One has to have good audio for things and camera mics just aren't good enough!

I think that's about it for now?

I'm waiting for this crap to lad so I can make it.

By the way, Val, if you read this. How do you get this blog to post in your FB notes? Or do you just post a note AND this post?

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Valerie said...

Something about an RSS feed. I'll try to find the instructions and send them to you.