Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Crying for the Legit} Happiness can be a dangerou drug

Guys, my next update has absolutely nothing to do with being in China or my personal life at all. Except maybe a part of my heart.

I finally got my internet back and one of my friends has emailed me. (And I get a million tweets as well.)

Kis-My-Ft2 is debuting.

To most of you this means nothing at all, you may not have even heard of them (though if you know me long enough, you'll at least be able to recognize them.)

Old movie is old, but. Guys, I can't even coherently. My fellow teachers are looking at me like I'm insane and I'm half crying and I'm flailing and my fingers are shaking and I can't breathe and I think I really am going to cry and ... yeah, I'm crying.

I've been waiting for over two years for this to happen and I just. It's amazing and I'm so proud and excited and I have no idea what's going on except they're debuting in May and it's going to be amazing.

They're just special to me, really. It's hard to explain but it's beyond the pretty boys on skates thing and I just. I grew along with them, I guess you could say? I just. I justaksjdf;lasjdkf.

Soraodujfla;sdjf;l asdfj;asldfj ;sal fkjlowirejlasdjfl;skjfjlasdf;lsmjfsj.

Sorry, this is degrading, I cna't skjasldk type or spell or breathe and mom and everyone else alsdjf li sgoing to thing I'm pathetic and I am but I AM SLDKFJ :SLDKFJ PROUD OF IT, NABIT. PROUD. PROUD OF THEM AND OF ME BEING THEIR FAN.


4 paper stars:

Suki said...

Um. Maybe a little overkill on the keyboard mashing.

Taisuke said...

Don't judge me. )8 It's a big day.

tlaulusa said...


Anonymous said...

This is. I can't even.
One of my friends always said "wouldn't it be cool if they announced their debut at their tour final?", but it was just too beautiful to be real.

OMG ;____; our boys. ♥