Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Something closer to panic]

I'm mostly posting this just to make sure I have everything set up with Facebook, but I might as well get in the habit of writing things out like this, right?

Mom was wonderful and got me all worked out with getting baggage checked and everything. I think.. I think I'm good to go. Thanks, Mom. ♥♥♥

I'm sitting in the airport right now, on my way to Phoenix. Once to Phoenix, I'll be on a plane to Salt Lake... I'm not sure what's happening in Salt Lake, it's possible that I'll be sitting around for four hours and leeching the wifi while babysitting my two gigantic suitcases.

After that, it's on to LA. Then Seoul (sadly no Kpop star-stalking, though I'm sure Ukiss will be flying out somewhere, they're always doing that.) Then it's on to Hong Kong! - I am also unable to stalk ABC-Z because I was two weeks too late for that. Feel my woe. (Not that I'd know where to look for them, but omg, Tottsu. ♥)

Anyways, I'm super tired. Due to some 'flat tires' in the packing/leaving process, I have only had about an hour's worth of sleep. Super, super tired, but maybe this will help me adjust to new timezones since I'm already getting messed up.

I'm sure nervous, I'm not going to deny it. I've never flown by myself before! Let alone... well, you know, left the country. We'll see how this goes!

After this, Kim and Suki are taking over my facebook and blogger. Actually, that's a reminder, I need to go send them my passwords and all that. Anyways. Uhm. Ahahaha.

Time to go! Love you all, especially to the ones I didn't get to say goodbye to. ♥ Wish me luck!

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Reed said...

Soak in every moment! Enjoy it all! That's about as much as I can say. If you immerse yourself, and focus on what you're doing, you'll have an awesome time. Enjoy the flight over the ocean! Love you, and see you later!