Saturday, April 16, 2011

My kids. ♥

Kimmi told me that I needed to write shorter entries. Mom said I needed pictures with people in them. Here is something to please them both.

So one of the things I did last week besides the normal teaching and planning, we had to create and write our skits. We’re doing an end of semester performance and each home group has to do a skit of some sort. Our theme, we decided, were fairytales/Disney. Bryndi is doing Peter Pan, Ashley is doing Snow White, Desi is doing Shrek, and Nicole is doing the Wizard of Oz.

I chose my favorite Disney classic ever and that is the Lion King.

It’s so PERFECT! My kids just fit perfectly into their roles and I’m just so excited even if it totally fails, because… I don’t even know, it’s just so much fun. Because it’s my home group and all, I have to write the script for my skit.

Guys, I cannot even begin to tell you how much ridiculous fun I had writing it. Here’s an excerpt from the script. I don’t even, it was just a scream to write. I was giggling the entire time.

Timone&Pumba: Hello~
Simba&Nala: *startled* AHHHHHH!
Timone&Pumba: *also startled* AHHHH!
Timone: We mean no harm!
Pumba&Simba: DON’T EAT US!
Nala: … *facepalm*

Yeah, I had way too much fun. It’s dorky but WHO CARES AT THIS POINT!?

In the name of pictures, I present to you my cast. Sadly I have no pictures at the moment of Kevin, who is my Zazu, but I’ll try to get a picture of him in the future.

Oh! And because I forgot one before, here’s a picture of Ashley.

And with that, I present my home group/cast for Lion King. I warn you now that I don’t know their ages because 1) China apparently does the whole one year older than they actually are because they’re born at the age of 1… and 2) they lie about their ages. 8D!

This is Grace. Grace is the only girl in my homegroup and she’s a sweetheart. Automatically Nala, obviously.

This is Andy. Andy is… well, if he isn’t the oldest, than he’s definitely the biggest. He’s Mufasa.

This is Gobster… who is a pain in the rear, but he can be a cute chub when he needs to be. He’s Pumba.

This is Phillip. He can be a bit of a snarkbutt at times, so he’s my Scar.

… Admittedly I saved the best for last. I LOVE ALL MY KIDS, but if I had to pick ones… It’d be Miles and Colt.

This is Miles. He’s truly adorable and intelligent and sweet and he’s just got this humor that translates so well, despite the language barrier. Look how cute he is. :( He made the crown box while we were in class and posed just for the camera~! He is my Timone. This is Colt and he’s just the most energetic, enthusiastic, and sweet kid I have ever meet. He loves learning whatever I’m teaching him, he picks up fast, and he’s actually fond of me. He’s my Simba and I have mad love for the kid.

No Kevin, even if he’s a nice kid and I want to show you him. He was at ping pong practice and was therefore not around for pictures.

That’s all for now. I’m actually thinking about taking a nap while the girls are at painting class.


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