Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pikachu and Food

Haha, updating finally.  I’ve meant to do this for ages but kept on putting it off. I’m not even sure why.

Let’s see… We switched our area of teaching again. I’m teaching Games now and it’s… actually it’s frustrating! It’s not that the kids don’t understand most of the games and how I explain them, they pick those things up perfectly well… but it’s not about learning how to play the game, it’s about speaking English. I was doing so well in Kitchen and now I’m having to learn how teach a game and play it while getting them to talk a lot. My last review came back horribly. Boo. T_T

Oh wait! We had our mid-semester visit last Sunday/Monday. Halfway through the semester, the ILP directors go out to visit all the schools and check on the teachers and what not. Steve came to see us and he was super nice and a lot of fun. ^^ He was telling all sorts of cool stories about other teachers and his own ILP teaching experiences and what not.

Guys, Director Visits mean the schools are trying their best to impress and omg, I ate so much food. We went to go pick him up at the airport and Tim took us out to Pizza Hut.  This was the first time I’d had pizza since leaving the states.

It. Was. Heaven.

I got this stuffed crust pizza with seafood (crab, shrimp, squid) and pineapple. So good, soooooo good.

That was Sunday and then the next day they moved classes into the morning. We normally taught from 2:25PM to 5:00PM and this was… well, 9AM. Haha, it threw me off so bad. But the kids liked what we were making and were super awesome and all, so it wasn’t too bad. Then we had a huge lunch and I ate a ton. Then we had a couple meetings and checked out the new teacher’s apartments.

Guys, I’m so jealous. D: The new teachers are in the hotel, which is nearer to where our kids stay and their hallway leads to the roof and there are places to hang your laundry and just. Super jealous.

After that, we were just hanging out until dinner came around and we had another big dinner. +_+ Annnnd I was actually still pretty full from lunch, but I still stuffed myself because the special dinners are just always SO good. While we ate dinner, they played videos of us teaching on the big screen in the main square (which you could see from the dining room we were in.) ORZ, HOW AWKWARD I LOOKED, WHAT THE HECK. D8

And then Steve left. It was a pretty quick visit, but we all had a lot of fun.

… And then the frustrations returned. Turns out that after the mid-semester visit, they decided to change the schedules. Without telling us. So our ILP classes are now 25 minutes later and our ELE classes were at different times. Stephanie (the English teacher for my ELE class) was asking me that morning if I was too busy to teach the class and I was so confused at why she would think that, but it’s because I was late… because nobody bothered to tell us the times had changed. Ticked me off so bad.

But we’re all adjusting and what not. Thursday is the start of our next vacation and we’re doing a Beijing/Shanghai/Great Wall trip. So not as much traveling and what not. I might take my laptop, I don’t know. Depends. Will talk to Nicole about that…

I’ll just finish this update off with a quick funny story.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys about Nate. Nate is one of our Primary kids and I’m not sure what he has, but he is a kid with special needs. Often very frustrating, but I’ve discovered that he really remembers song lyrics and what not, so I try to get him to sing and behave… doesn’t always work, but anywho.

We’re rotating one day and I’m talking to some kids in his class and we start talking about Pikachu, because he is a classic and a great conversation starter. This is with Sam and Ted and Yao-yao. Suddenly Nate starts singing at the top of his lungs and I have never heard this song before, I don’t even know how he came up with it or anything, but he’s all…


It was just… at first it was kind of obnoxious, but looking back, it was just hilarious. He sang that line over and over and over and it was just so loud, we had some other kids just staring at us in confusion. Hahah.

Happy Easter, everyone! 

We had a fun easter. On Friday, we decorated paper bags for our easter baskets and the easter bunny visited us early! Cadbury chocolate eggs, I was in heaven. *w*

And today was good too. Church was great and we’re having a devotional with just the six of us later on tonight. ^^

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