Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy bee is busy

Ahhh, so I have a ton of homework to work on. And really, it's all fun so I don't mind!

Fashion Merchandising - Purplex is going very well, I think! We're starting to get stuff for our concept board and the class is really really cool! We're supposed to be going to an Japanese exhibit soon and I simply cannot wait!

Fashion Construction - We're on the A-line skirt now and I've gotta say I'm a bit nervous but also excited. I'm not getting as adventurous as some of the other girls are, but I did alter my pattern and I'm hoping that it'll all turn out okay. My material is different. It's black raw silk! This stuff is crazy awesome, I love it to death.

Advanced Acting - Sensei got us the play and I've read most of it....Meh, I don't particularly like it. It's not even just the swearing, but the characters are just kinda...well, DUMB. Well, one's a cheater, and he's automatically just dirt, because that sort of thing pisses me off. Another one breaks up with a really sweet guy just because he said her face wasn't super amazing. I'm sorry, but that's just stupid to be THAT sensitive. Along with that part of the comment, he said something I found so sweet! I dunno, maybe it's because I've never been considered cute or pretty, that sort of comment wouldn't hurt me. Anyways, I'm off to finish reading that as soon as I'm finished this post.

Motion Pictures and Television - OKAY! Guys, the music video....we only were able to film maybe a minute of actual production (that means we have like, ten minutes of fiml), but it looks SO GOOD! Sean looks great for the demon and I'm the angel. We're having some problems with casting and all that, but our teacher really likes our group! I'm so excited for the final product. Hopefully editing won't be impossible or anything.

Yes, Mom, I'll try calling more. Things have just been crazy, really. And I did talk to Kimmi though and we talked. It's not that I don't miss home, it's just that I get so sidetracked with things!

Ah, well, back to work for me.

4 paper stars:

Kimmi Laulusa said...

Kimmi said you said you called while we were gone. We tried to call tonight after all the concert stuff. You would have liked the NTU wind symphony. They played almost all new compositions. Some of them were---interesting. You know, the kind I love to play, but I'm not sure anyone but musicians really enjoy listening too. Cool electronic integration

Suki said...

Japanese.... of course you can't wait. :)

Lindey said...

@ Mom - It sounds like it was so COOL! :D Jealous, almost.

@ Suki - I'm proud to be a helpless fan.

Kimmi Laulusa said...

I'm am okay with you not missing us! Someone asked how you were doing and I was like, who are you talking about?