Monday, July 20, 2009

Eventful life is eventful!

Nearly another week since my last update! Hontoni gomenasai!

I'll give class updates, a flail, and post some music! Then I'll probably go to bed.

Fashion Merchendising: We went to the Asian Art Museum. The main exhibit was the Lords Of The Samurai. Dad can attest, I have wanted to go to this place since he drove me into San Fransisco for the first time. The exhibit was for our last field trip. Oh wow, it was so amazing. The works on display were gorgeous! The way they painted on fabric was exquisite! And the samurai armor and swords. Yes, very amazing! But me and my friends didn't eat lunch there so we ended up with some free time after going through all the art exhibits. The Asian Art Museum is across the street from City Hall, which has a playground. Yes, I played on it. I wasn't the only one!!! Karen and I were dorks together and it was just fun. Then we noticed that down the street that was next to the museum...there was a street fair. Guys, it was so awesome! So pretty, so cheap. I want to go back there and get that powder purple spider web skirt. Yes, a skirt. It was gorgeous. I did get a necklace though! It's also pretty. All back and hearts and ribbons...Ahem, anyways. Last field trip. Starting tomorrow, we're in the classroom, working on our final project.

Advanced Acting: Okay, I'm going to act very unprofessional with this section and use lots of keysmashing. But LAKSDJF:LKADJF:LSKDJFLSDK, Guys, the guy that was bothering me DROPPED OUT OF CLASS! :D :D :D :D :D :D Mom says I'm overreacting, but I DON'T CARE, OKAY!? Creepy slime is creepy, m'kay? Even class sleezeball noticed this. aslkdfjasldkfj but now i have a new partner and things are good, though omg, I need to work on my script more. BUT GUYS I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I FOUND OUT!!!!! ^______________^

Okay...Done with that.

Fashion Construction: I have officially passed this class! We were told that we had to finish two projects to pass. I'm still doing the last one, to get that letter of recommendation, but I don't have to rush or anything! My skirt turned out nice and goes well with my top. I'm happy!

Motion Pictures And Television: Have I said that I'm in love with this class? This has to be my favorite! We're editing now, and it's just so much fun!!! Theresa and Abby say I'm a good editor and I'm the one doing most of it right now, following their advice and direction, since I understand the software much better then they seem to (not like it was really that difficult? But I guess it was.) Anyways. Video is looking fabulous already and we haven't even started putting in special affects! I'm hoping to sweep the AAU off their feet with this video...Or at least the nation of Youtube!

Speaking of movies...I SAW HARRY POTTER!!!

Okay, not the midnight showing, though I really wanted to. Homework, sadly, did not allow for that. Sad, yes, but OH MY GOSH! It was so good!!! And really, while taking this film class, I really started noticing how brilliant you have to be to make these sorts of movies. It's more then just the acting and the affects. The camera angles and the lighting tell nearly as much of the story as the people in it! I thought the editing to the story was very well done. And I did cry when they mourned Dumbledore's death. That's actually something rare.

One actor who impressed me beyond belief was Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. He was so tormented and scared...I loved it! Emma Watson was also excellent! Well, all the actors were good, but those two really stuck out to me. And Helena as Bellatrix. Oh my gosh, she is one freaky but awesome lady.

Aaaah...Yes, it was so worth it. I would love to go again and really study the cinematography of the movie!

And now for my music.

This is FT Island's new song 'I Hope', just released a few days ago! FT Island stands for Five Treasure Island, because there are five members. I have to say, I love this song and the music video was just cute with the time travel and the little kid. I guess the movie is a sort of tribute to Grease, or at least the time period. I personally think it's a lot like 'That Thing You Do'

Hongki's vocals always amaze me. He's only 19! His hair is just a bit too red in this MV, but I guess that was part of the Grease thing. Jonghun, Minhwan, and Seunghyun all looked cute and happy...Well, so did Jaejin, but what the heck is up with his hair? I don't know.

I do miss Wonbin though. Maybe if he gets a real solo career, it won't be so bad. But listening to Soyogi makes me so sad!

But Hongki...His voice for Bad Woman live...was amazing. I need to look for live performances of I Hope. I love that FTi is an actual band rather then a boy band (though I'm a sucker for them) I love musicians. :D Anyways, enjoy and all that, I'm off to bed!

5 paper stars:

Jamio said...

Adjective noun is adjective!

Lindey said...

Hey there, Jamie~ :3

Valerie said...

I think Helena Bonham Carter plays Bellatrix very well. I can't believe she's the same person who plays Olivia! And I haven't heard about this creepy guy...

Kimmi Laulusa said...

I love this song!!!!<3
and I'm glad he dropped out...the creeper.

Lindey said...

@ Val - I know, right? She was brilliant! Also...creepy guy. Basically just a...creepy guy? I dunno how to explain in.

@ Kim - It's so GOOD!!! :3
And yes, I'm glad too. The scene (while I still dislike it) is much better with my new partner.