Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 times, minna clap clap!

Okay, update before the weekend! WEEKEND, HOBABY! <3

Update for this week. Ah, so, so busy! All four classes keep me busy and entertained and I'm having a lot of fun while learning.

MPT - Turned out that the camera literally ate our CM D: We still have glitched parts of it, which makes us even more sad because it really was a decent filming. I cry. We also filmed a sort of dramatic short about the Russian Mafia and I was the silent girl thug in a big hoodie. It was fun! Theresa and Abby's Russian was SO FUNNY. Mac filmed all of it for us, and he has a killer accent too. My accents suck so much lately. Theresa and I have similar brainwaves because we totally came up with the same idea. Music video, instead of a short film, because we're more interested in cinematography and being able to tell a story without words. I mean, I'll let acting class take care of dialogue and all that. Our project will be of a fallen angel and that's all I'm going to say because it's a secret. ;D

Fashion Merchandising - Karen, Sofia, and I have our concept, we just need to start making our concept board. That was why I posted that poll, and thank you for those who filled it out, though most of them were on LJ. Purplex is our company and purple dresses are our product. I don't know how much else I'll be able to explain.

Advanced Acting - Teacher finally pointed out the obvious and said I have trouble concentrating. Duh. Still have those few guys who are really getting on my nerves. How much sex can they really talk about? Ah well, they usually shut up around me by now. Lindey is not always nice, please realize. Final project is some play called Reasons To Be Pretty, I think. Or scenes from it. Whatever.

Fashion Construction - Aaaah, I've lost so much sleep over this class. It's hard to handstich! And basically that's what we do, handstiching all three projects. The halter top is done and it's SO CUTE! The A-line skirt is draped and we'll work on it, starting Tues. But guys, my class is so creative and so ahead of the other classes. I'm not the most talented, but I remember things the other girls don't, so I'm still really helpful. I love it. *rolls*

Aaah, found an awesome scarf at Pier 39! I was there with Jasmine, my cousin. We had so much fun! Pic can be found on Facebook. And yes, it's pink. Lindey is a girl and she does like pink, though she won't declare it her favorite color, because that would be a lie.

Cooking. I love cooking. I love her always loving my cooking. I love how much she eats. I love Chinatown and Safeway.

Music of the day.
James Blunt - You're Beautiful.

Don't ask why I'm posting this, most/all of you wouldn't get it.

Going to sleep because I am dead. And I don't really get to sleep in tomorrow because of a ward breakfast thing. Guh. So not fair.

5 paper stars:

Suki said...

Reasons to be Pretty... I just learned a little bit about that from the Tony Awards which I just watched yesterday at Colleen's.

Lindey said...

Does it sound like it's any good?

dad said...

Yes, all boys think about, and mostly talk about, is sex. Let em have it. They can at least learn to pretend it's not all they think/talk about.

You would have shot us if we had bought you pink a month ago. That's like the most amazing thing you've written.

Trouble concentrating? Tell him to produce it all in EJM speak and he'll have your full attention. Or in 1 second little mebo bites.

Call sometime.

Lindey said...

I don't particularly feel like allowing that. It's wrong and it affects the class a lot.

^_^ Mmm, my tastes have drastically changed, haven't they? I guess I'm just realizing who I am.

....And I'm sorry, but that's really not funny. >>

I'll call~ It's just late right now. But I'm out of classes earlier tomorrow. <3

Suki said...

I don't know about any good, but it was nominated for some Tony Award. Nothing particularly drew me to it...