Tuesday, July 14, 2009

T-time is tickin', t-time is tickin', tickin'

Aaah, it's been nearly a week since I last updated! My apologies to you all. I'm sure you've missed me, right? Psh!

So what's new in my life? Passed the halfway mark and that makes me so sad. Might as well go into updates on each class.

Fashion Merchandising - We went to Haight/Ashbury. Amazing shopping area full of vintage clothing, ethnic stores, and jewelry stores! Some places were really pricey, others were a great deal! We went there because of Mendel's, a fabric store. It...was decently priced, I guess, depending on what you were looking for. We got fabric swatches and those were free. Like my teacher always says: We like the word FREE. Our concept board is coming together and hopefully it'll look as amazing as we think it will! PurpleX, coming to YOUR city. Haha, yeah right. One thing that amuses me is how much I don't keep up with the fashion news. Maybe it's just because my view of fashion is different. But my teacher pointed out that even if we're not into that kind of fashion, it's something we, as designers, merchandisers, buyers, anything, have to pay attention to. I'll try harder!

Advanced Acting - As some of you know, I'm having some problems with this class...But for now, I'll just concentrate on what I like. I don't really want to go into details, you'll find out when this is all over.

Fashion Construction - HAVE I SAID THAT I LOVE THIS CLASS!?!?! Okay, it's hard work. We have to handstich a lot of stuff...but it's still a blast. We're working on the A-line skirt and I have to have it done by Friday. Let's see if I can get more done before Thursday. I think I can have it done, it's just hemming right now. I want to add stuff, but that can happen later! OH! Oh. My. Gosh. Okay, I just found a new reason to want to live here in San Fransisco. Chris (our teacher) showed us the most amazing fabric store!!!!!!! It's called Discount Fabric Warehouse. Guys, I am in love. This place! They had EVERYTHING! From silks to satins to demins to canvases to organzas to cottons to ANYTHING ELSE! Those beautiful double colored silks that you wish you had a ballgown made out of? $6 a yard. I kid you not. It was amazing...And they had a billion trims, ribbons, zippers, buttons, etc. Guys. I'm in love. Have I said that yet? Our class wanted to just MOVE in there. It was that fabulous. Guh...

Motion Pictures and Television - We finished filming! Yesssss! And today, we watched it. Guys, we're just newbies, but we're proud of our work! I was an actor in it and I got called fierce. This makes me happy. I'd rather get called fierce then a princess. I can kick butt, no lie. And the teacher really was impressed with our shots and everything, though I guess we really owe most of that to Theresa. She's awesome, guys. We start editing next Friday and I'm just SO excited! I've heard a lot of complaints about the other MPT teachers and it makes me laugh. Our teacher is amazing and he really knows his stuff!

Other then that? Oh, funny thing. Most people think I'm around 15 and they get really surprised when I tell them I'm 17 1/2! Well, my bus driver, the one that picks me up in the morning. We've gotten to be buddies. He thought I was 19-20. He also said I seemed like an easy going, fun girl, the kind that guys prefer to hang out with. Whether or not he's correct, it was nice to hear someone say that. Oh, and we share the same weakness. Asians. Only, obviously he's into the ladies, I'm into the dudes. He tells me stories about his girlfriend and work, I tell him about the various moments of fail in classes. It's fun!

I love this school so much. It's really nice that I'm doing so well, even if I've had no experience whatsoever! I mean, I'm not the best, but that's fine with me. I can learn, I can get better. Who knows? Maybe I CAN become the best.

Harry Potter is coming out and I'm sad that I probably won't be able to see it until this weekend. Very, very sad! Guys, I have loved Harry Potter for over 10 years.

Aaah, I should stop writing and get more sewing done! I'll talk to you guys later! Sayonara!


7 paper stars:

tlaulusa said...

Think you meant "swatches", babes.

Lindey said...

Oh. My bad.

Valerie said...

Does this mean you don't like acting? Or just not advanced acting?

Lindey said...

I love the class, I'm just going insane where some classmates are involved.

Jamio said...

It sounded in a previous post like some of your classmates were being inapropriate. Theatre people can get like that sometimes. It sounds like your hanging in there just fine. And as for not being the best, you just started! Seriously, you didn't go to art class like Jonathan and I did, so I'd say let yourself do some catching up before you go judging yourself.

Are your film projects going to be on Youtube or something? Will you be bringing your work home?

tlaulusa said...

I was talking to Dad a bit ago. I can't believe it is only two more weeks. I haven't even missed you yet. :-) (We all miss you in the morning, and can't wait for you to come back and reacquaint yourself with Splash and Chi) I was looking at Sat Art classes at CCAD. But it doesn't look like they have much of the stuff you're interested in. Have you checked out fall online at SF?

Lindey said...

@ Jamie. You, they can get rather gross and all that, but really, it was only this one guy that was really getting to me. And yeah, I didn't take classes like you did (though that wouldn't help me, none of my classes really have to do with that kind of art.)

Yes, I want to post my film project on Youtube and yes, I will be bringing it home!

@ Mom. D: I don't want a reminder. And xP Thanks, I don't miss you either. And do you mean Chai? We don't have a Chi. And no, I haven't yet, but I will soon.