Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Curtain's finally closing. Go on and take a bow...

The song doesn't really go at all, but I don't know, the chorus kinda fit for me. I like this version of it over Rhianna. Well, after you get to Minji's part. Ah, she and CL have really good english. I know CL has it because she grew up in San Jose (Do you know the way to San Jose?)

Anyways...I now have only one period of each class left! I'm so sad...And this gray weather isn't helping it at all!!!

Fashion Merchandising: We did our presentation on Monday. I was so nervous and honestly, I have no idea how well we were critiqued. I know I accidentally messed my notes up, because I had a headache and wasn't reading the questions correctly until the end of things. And I couldn't write. There were so many cross-outs, I was just not wanting to turn it it. Ugh. But I'm glad it's over! Basically, even if our company was considered a flop by the rest of the class, we passed. That's all I care about. I must say, I liked being in this class, but the class itself is not something I like dealing with. I suppose it's nice to know about this side of things, but it's not really was I'm interested in. We DID watch a film on Marc Jacobs, which was absolutely fabulous! I loved watching it, it was AMAZING! Love that man. And there was another designer and I though he had some brilliant designs, but sadly, his name fails me.

Fashion Construction:
Aaaaah. Sewed my bag all weekend to finish this class. I have that letter of recommendation now, or rather, the ability to have that letter. I'm happy! I got the strap on my bag wrong, but I didn't want to rip it out to change it. Aaah, we had cream puffs today! Chris said he was so proud of us so he got them. We don't know...who he picked from our class for the 'Most Excellent Student' Award. He's talked to all his other classes about it, but not ours. We're all kinda edgy. Not competitive, but we're all wondering who is getting it. I'm going to say this is my favorite class. I made so many friends in this class and I'm going to miss them all so much. I'm going to miss the girl dates where we'd go out to lunch at the nearby cafes and talking about the silliest things. Thank you, Facebook, I guess that's the best thing we can do right now.

Advanced Acting: So yeah, we filmed yesterday. I'm pretty happy with the final result! My scene with Campbell was the shortest, but it was actually probably the best. I don't want to sound vain, but there were some major messups in the other scenes. This scene was a major challenge for me. I think it's because I'm such a weird kind of girl, I don't relate overly well to the types of girls I'm casted as. But yeah, happy that's over. OH! And I showed the class how good a screamer I am. I think I nearly killed Keeler with my 'death' in one of the games. It was fun!

Motion Pictures and Television: We're finished our movie! We have two versions! The Girl version and the Boy Version. This has to do with who edited, because there was a team of boy editors and girl editors. Due to how big our team ended up (we stole two guys, so ended up with five members.) It's really hard to try and edit like that, so we split and just said we'd do our own thing and see how it turned out. I think both versions are fantastic! I love things about both and while most will probably think that the Boy version is better, I'd love to point out that both boys had more experience and had edited videos before while we girls were all coming fresh from other areas. I was a fashion student, Theresa is a photograper, and Abby is a comic artist. So we were figuring out a lot of things for ourselves! I had one huge disappointing moment when I found out that Final Cut Pro is only for Mac. AVID is very confusing and I know how to use Final Cut, so I wanted to just get that...but yeah, Akanishi is not a Mac. Argh!

Other then that? My bus driver says he'll miss me. I keep him company in the mornings and stuff, so it's been a ton of fun. I'm going to miss him. I'm going to miss my friends, I'm going to miss my teachers, I'm going to miss Auntie Helen.

I don't know. This is the kind of school I can totally see myself getting into. I enjoyed this! All of it, even the parts I whined about...There was still this feeling of accomplishment. This was stuff I'm good at! You guys all know that I'm not exactly smart. I struggle academically. But these classes are my kind of thing. And according to all my teachers, these really are college classes. I feel like I lucked out on my teachers. All of mine were the best of the best, really. Much more intense and willing to push us and treat us like adults and that sort of thing. Like Mr. Cascio. He was advised to teach us to just do 'In Camera Edits' which is basically just taking specific shots, in sequence, and some other stuff, just so editing is 'easier'. But it limits you a lot in a different way, so he taught us how he films and edits and I loved that.

It was similar with all of my other teachers. They'd personally done everything they'd taught me and that gave it a different vibe entirely. I heard so many other students complain about their classes and how boring and easy they were. Mine where challenging! I loved it.

So yes, I think I know exactly what I'm aiming to do in life. Or at least the general area. Film! I love fashion, I really do! But I'm not quite as driven as some others so I don't see myself as becoming my own house, or Marc Jacobs, or anything like that. But I do love it, so things like costume design would still be fun! And the world of Film, because yes, I want to be part of all those major motion pictures, is so vast! I don't even know what I want to do in it, because I love almost ALL of it.

I already posted music at the top, so I guess I'll just call this finished. I'll be home by Sunday. I can't wait to see all my family and friends, especially my nieces! Facebook pictures just aren't enough!

So see you soon, and that's all!

Jaa ne~

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Suki said...

Isn't it the way to Santa Fe? You know, tumble weed. Prairie dogs.

Akanishi was free (to you). So it's okay he's not a Mac.

And hey! What am I? An acquaintance? *joins Kimmi in the corner of sadness where we cultivate poisonous mushrooms*

Lindey said...

Oh yeaaaaah.

I wasn't complaining about Jinjin. D: I love him to death and am still very, very grateful for him! Just so you know. I just wish Final Cut worked on him.

And huh? Where did that come from?

Jamio said...

Priarie dogs...yeah.

Maybe you can run that program on linux.

Why are Suki and Kimmi in the corner of sadness?

Lindey said...

Sunny Santa Fe would be nice.

It's a Mac only thing. >>

And I have no idea why they're in a corner with mushrooms.

Suki said...

Kimmi is in the corner of sadness because she didn't buy a really cute purse yesterday. Suki is in the corner of sadness because "I'll be home by Sunday. I can't wait to see all my family and friends, especially my nieces!" and she is in Oregon.

Lindey said...

Oooh. Yes, purses....x:

And I'd come see you if I could, but you'd have to pay for my tickets! D: I'm a broke art student, remember? We are the poverty xD