Friday, July 24, 2009

Post for my little sister.

Okay, so classes is just finalizing final projects. Guys, you'll be hearing more about his later.

But this is a post directed at Kimmi, though the rest of you can enjoy. As most reading this do NOT know, Wonder Girls (a five member girl group) recently made their debut in the US, opening for the Jonas Brother's US concert tour. Their first US single is the English version of 'Nobody', their huge Korean single.

And on Monday they had their first TV performance. I have no clue what show this is, but I thought their performance was awesome! Hard to think that Sohee and Sunmi are still in high school.

I love this song and the performance, because it's so 'That Thing You Do'! (Which is a movie I love)

The english is a bit strange if you're used to the korean, but I think it worked out nicely!

EDIT - Check out the PV! Exactly like the Korean one, but isn't it just so THAT THING YOU DO?! <3 Ah, I love so much.

Yoobin <3 Rapper girl!

6 paper stars:

Suki said...

I actually watched that. (Um, mostly because you said it was in English.)

Lindey said...

And what did you think?

Suki said...

Could have done without the rapping part--she just didn't quite pull it off for me. Nor did it go with the song at all.

It is a lot like That Thing You Do. Points for them.

I don't know that I'd watch them again. Not that they were bad. It was just that two times was good for me.

It doesn't entice me to watch/listen to them in Korean--but what would, really.

Lindey said...

Mmm, Yoobin's rap goes a lot better with the Korean version, I think. And she gets a rap in every single for them.

but yeah, the Kpop world has a thing for that time period, me thinks. I Hope by FT Island was also very That Thing You Do-ish.

I'm waiting to see what they'll do after the Jonas Brothers.

Suki said...

It's just horrible to be attached to the Jonas Brothers.

Lindey said...

I know, right? But it's actually an amazing kickstart to their careers, and if they pull off what they did in Asia, they'll easily put that part of it behind them.