Friday, July 31, 2009

All I need is one more day with you...

Hah, Simple Plan, how I used to love you so. Not so much anymore, but I'll admit to still listening to your stuff. Heck, I still listen to *NSYNC! But that wasn't really what I was writing about.

Today was the last day of classes. Somehow I can't believe it's already over. Isn't six weeks supposed to be a long time? And yet, I'll be back in Ohio soon enough. Not going to lie, I don't want to go back home. The weather alone is making me twitch right now.

Ah! But I do have something to show you guys. But it'll take a few hours to actually hold on that thought!

Also, I must go pack. Ugh, do not want!

We went to Chinatown today. I got there much earlier then Dad did (I walked from classes. It's a nice walk!) Actually, speaking of that walk....Do you know how many high end fashion designers have stores right next to Chinatown? There was places like Prada, Armani, etc. The really fancy stuff where nothing is under $300.

Then you walk into Chinatown and they claim to be selling Louis Vuitton bags. Hah, yeah right....

But anyways...Walking around. Right as me and Dad met up, I found this store that Auntie Helen and I had spotted about a week ago. It was a 'Going out of business' sale. And they had beautiful dresses! 50% off = About twenty bucks. So wanted one...but omg, I went today and it was seriously the last day and I found the most gorgeous red silk dress and it was only 10 bucks!!! YAY ME~!

And yes, I did buy a dress. Have I told you guys that I've worn a dress on weekdays? I know you all must be gasping, but yes, I am a girl. And I do like wearing dresses....sometimes. It all depends on the outfit and such.

Ah, must go pack. Ack...Do not want.

2 paper stars:

Jamio said...

A dress on weekdays? Kinda like a salad for breakfast. Which I did the other the day.

Lindey said...

I did it! Several times!